A month off, but lots more to come.

Our thanks to the very talented and bubbly Anna Denisova who delighted audiences throught the area.

Chiho Sunamoto

We have a clear month off before our Memorial Recital for Chiho Sunamoto at Christ Church, North Shields on 15th March at 7.30. Chiho sadly died at the end of last year. Chiho and her husband Jon, talented musicians in their own right, were long-time friends and supporters of Master Musicians.

Viv McLean returns especially for the recital, where Jon will join him with his own contribution.

The following week two new visitors, Leonid Gorokhov (cello) & Caroline Palmer (piano), begin a series of recitals beginning on Tuesday 19th at The ARC Stockton (more details of all six recitals are in the diary below)


The Spring/Summer 2019 posters

Performers include: Matt Sharp and Viv McLean, Anna Denisova, Leonid Gorokhov & Caroline Palmer,  Graham Scott, Ugnius Pauliokonis,  Giulio Tampalini, Will Bracken, Jon Smith and Julia Vershinina .

Some computer systems make it difficult to print the posters full (A4) size. If you have any problem please feel free to contact me by email at mastermusicians@jimscott.co.uk and I will send you a colour (or black and white, to save ink) copy of your choice that should print.

The diary

Spring/Summer 2019 – Performers and Venues´╗┐

Feb. Viv McLean & Matt Sharp
Feb.Anna Denisova 

Mar.Viv McLean & Jon Smith (Memorial Concert)
Fri. 15th at 7.30 pmChrist Church
Mar.Leonid Gorokhov & Caroline Palmer
Tue. 19th at 2 pmARC
Wed. 20th at 1 pmY Studio
Thur. 21st at 2.30 pmBelmont
Fri. 22nd at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
Sat. 23rd at NoonJ’s & B’s
Sat. 23rd at 7.30 pm Christ Church
Apr.Julia Vershinina
Fri. 15th at 1 pmY Studio
 Fri. 15th at 7.30 pmChrist Church
Apr.Graham Scott
 Tue. 23rd at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 24th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 25th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 26th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Fri. 26th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 23rd at NoonJ’s & B’s
MayUgnius Pauliokonis
 Mon 13th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 14th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 15th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 16th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 17th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 18th at NoonJ’s & B’s
Jun.Giulio Tampalini
 Mon 24th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 25th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 26th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 27th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 28th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 29th at NoonJ’s & B’s
Jul.Will Bracken
 Mon 8th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 9th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 10th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 11th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 12th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 13th at NoonJ’s & B’s