The Spring Summer Season 2023

The posters of the programmes all FIVE venues can be found at the bottom of this page.

Only a short interval before our next pianist Joseph Tong performs at St Andrew’s on Monday February 13th, All Saints on Wednesday 15th, Belmont on Thursday 16th, Christ Church on Friday 17th and St. James and St. Basil on Saturday 18th. (Note: Time changes for St James & St. Basil)

His programme includes works by Schumann, Chopin, Debussy, Sibelius and Schubert. There are more details on the posters below.

Change of Artiste. For the last performance of the season Mark Viner will replace Jonathan Middleton. Again his programme details are on the posters.


The new season begins.

As promised the Spring/Summer Season began on Friday 6th January with Khrystyna Mykhailichenko at Christ Church. Her fantastic performance of 4 Chopin Ballades and Rachmaninoff ‘s glorious Sonata No. 1 left the large audience breathless. Good luck for her American and German visits. I am informed that she will also be playing Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto at Newcastle Cathedral on Saturday 24th June with Orchestra North East.

She is followed in January, at all our venues, by Italian Mario Cuva, with Joseph Tong in February. Our friend Viv McLean returns in April with ‘Young Lion’ Matthew McLachlan in May. The long awaited return Of Turkish pianist Gulsin Onay will be in June and our regular guitar maestro Giulio Tampalini brings a new friend, and guitarist, Daniele Fabio later that month. Our ‘piano on the beach’ performer Jonathan Middleton will close the season in July.

Venues and programmes

The venues are: Mondays – St. Andrew’s (Newcastle) : Wednesdays – All Saints (Gosforth) : Thursdays – Belmont (Durham) : Fridays – Christ Church (North Shields) and Saturdays at St James and St Basil (Fenham) .


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Printing. If you need to print any of these posters it may depend on how you are viewing this page i.e. phone, tablet or desktop. The easiest way is to drop me an email by clicking/tapping here and I will email you a copy to download.