Leo Bailey Yang


9 year old LEO BAILEY-YANG (China) – piano
 Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt & Haydn

Leo appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and on ‘Little Big Shots’ with Dawn French.

Although successful on BGT, the producers controversially did not allow him to the next round. Publicity prior to his appearence appears on the ITV website and follows the table below.

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The Rising Star in the Classical World

8 Years Old Piano Prodigy Leo Bailey-Yang Just Broke his 3rd World Record!

UK’s piano prodigy Leo Bailey-Yang first came to public attention when played the famously fast and fiendishly difficult piano piece “The Flight of the Bumble-Bee” on Britain’s Got Talent – blindfolded when h e was just 7 years old. The audience and all four judges were blown away by his flawless performance, with Simon Cowell dubbing him a “little superhero”. It’s hard to believe Leo learnt his piece after barely two weeks’ practice. In fact, he is so small that his feet dangle off the piano stool, waving loftily above the pedals.

Leo’s YouTube video of his BGT performance had been viewed by almost 3 million people, making him one of the most popular British pianists.

The child prodigy has been breaking record one by one: He started to learn piano from 6 years old, by 7 already pass ABRSM grade 8 with one of the highest distinction score: 144 out of 150, after only a month of preparation. This made him the world’s fastest piano learner and the youngest to gain piano great 8 distinction.

Several months later, he broken another record by becoming the world’s youngest to gain an ATCL Performance Diploma (equivalent of the first year of a Degree in Music).

After coming back from a performance in Carnegie Hall, 8 years old Leo just broke another record, became the youngest to gain LTCL Performance Diploma (a Licentiate of Trinity College London, equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree) with another great distinction 92 out of 100, his age was a startling three years younger than the current world record.

Leo thrives on competition, he has won a lot of piano competitions, including 6 gold medals in UK Southport Music Festival 2015; 11 medals in UK Hazel Grove Music Festival 2016; The youngest to win “Most Promising Musician” in Rainhill Young Musician; First price in EPTA Belgium International 2016 CAT 1; The youngest attender and winner of 23rd Poland International Chopin Festival III Repertoire at 7, just a year after winning II Repertoire at 6 years old.

Recently Leo won American Protégé 2016 Judges Distinction Award, was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall on 28-30 May 2016 American Memorial Day. In June, Leo gave his personal concert in World Piano Conference, as the youngest in the master class. Leo stunned his audience in every one of his performance, drawing long standing rapturous applause everywhere he is going.

Leo has also proved a very talented swimmer, he just won 5 medals in all 4 swimming styles plus the individual medley, in his first UK national swimming competition Rising Stars.

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9 year old LEO BAILEY YANG (China) – piano
 Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt & Haydn
Mon. 10th July – 1 pm St. Andrew’s
Fri. 14th July – 1 pm Y Studio
Bookings only – 01912577401
Fri. 14th July – 7.30 pm St. Peter’s
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