News update September 2020

Dear Friends,

                  After some eight months since we last had contact, and everything was eventually shut down, a light is glowing ate the end of  the tunnel ! As most of you will realize, the majority of concerts take place in church buildings, and it was not until end of July/beginning of August that these became available again for worship, albeit with certain constraints. I.e. Social distancing was required, no hymns or liturgical music to be sung,  hand sanitising available, and maybe masks worn depending upon current government restrictions and track & trace in operation. Eventually, church buildings could be used for certain instrumental performances ( note: not singing) and perhaps a lecture. With this information in mind I have contacted  5 of regular Master Musicians venues and they are willing to discuss starting up a series of recitals each, certainly beginning before the end of the year.

  However, there is a major stumbling block to overcome. I am not permitted to act as an hotel and accommodate the artists. I could let them use my house and camp in the garden, such is the law at present, but I fear gardens aren’t allowed and it’ll have to be in the car on the front street!     However, there is a strong chance, as we know, that everything will be turned on its head by the end of the day by Mr. Hancock, and I’ll be in charge of my property again. Or somebody reading this will have a bright idea that is within the law. Meanwhile  I need to obtain the services of a few of the myriad of pianists I have on my books that are not on lockdown, and who are  down to their last crust.

So folks…… Watch this space. I shall be working my fingers to the bone to get a comprehensive programme together ere long.


ErnieĀ (

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Giulio Tampalini – virtual recital

Hi folks

I received notice of this within the last hour. I hope you check your emails before it happens J.S.

Saturday 20th June 2020 – 6pm (English time)

A Virtual Concert by Giulio Tampalini
for Felton & St Michael & All Angels 2020

Saturday June 20 at 6 pm (English time), Giulio Tampalini online virtual concert will take place on the same date on which the concert would have taken place at Fetlton St Michael & All Angels Church. The concert in organized in collaboration with Graham Morris and Becky and it is dedicated to all Felton’s friends,

Also posted on Master Musicians Facebook page

Online recitals during lockdown *

Our latest contributor is our good friend Mami Shikimori. When she was here in February Ernie told her she has hands like a newt (meaning very small), but those of us who know him understand. However it set her on the way to a series of YouTube videos for pianists with small hands and other useful tips and tricks so here is the link to them

Gulsin Onay (piano) is playing live from her home in Turkey, each Sunday at 7 pm, but it will be accessible after that here

Also Giulio Tampalini Classical guitar) is playing at various times. You will need to check his Facebook page for details or go to his YouTube page if you do not use Facebook

We also have videos, including piano techniques on YouTube from Unguis Pauliukonis

* Rather than emailing you each time I will just add any more links here and on Facebook and you can keep a look out if you are interested. JS

New posters will appear here (Click/touch screen) to enlarge (Note new venue at All Saints’ Church, Gosforth)

Some computer systems make it difficult to print the posters full (A4) size. If you have any problem please feel free to contact me by email at and I will send you a colour (or black and white, to save ink) copy of your choice that should print.

Visitors to Steam Creative Studios (formerly YStudio) should note that access is no longer available through the glass doors facing Queen Alexandra Road West, but only via the small entrance around the corner (West facing). There is ample parking at the rear of the building.