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The diary


Autumn 2018 performers and Venues
Philip Sharp – piano   :  September 17th & 18th
Sebastian Stanley – piano : September 27th – 29th
Iyad Sughayer (Jordan) – piano : October 22nd – 27th
 Premysl Berka, Maria Sumnikova, Magdalena Ochmanova (Czechia)
piano :  November 5th – 10th
Matthew McLachlan – piano
Bach, Chopin Shostakovitch & Rachmaninoff
Tue. Nov. 27th at 2 pm The ARC
Wed. Nov. 28th at 1 pm Y Studio
Mark Viner – piano
Beethoven & Alcan
Sat. Dec. 8th at Noon St. James’ & St. Basil’s

Jonathan Middleton – piano
Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt

Wed. Dec. 12th. at 1 pm Y Studio
Thur. Dec. 13th. at 2.30 pm Belmont
Fri. Dec. 14th at 7.30 pm Christ Church
Sat. Dec. 15th at Noon St. James’ & St. Basil’s
Mon. Dec. 17th. at 1 pm St. Andrew’s
ANNUAL DINNER(?) Sunday December 16th