The diary

Spring/Summer 2019 – Performers and Venues

Feb. Viv McLean & Matt Sharp
Feb.Anna Denisova 
Mar.Viv McLean & Jon Smith (Memorial Concert)
  Leonid Gorokhov & Caroline Palmer   
Apr.Tyler Hay
Apr.Yulia Vershinina
Apr.Graham Scott
 Tue. 23rd at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 24th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 25th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 26th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Sat. 27th at NoonJ’s & B’s
 Sat. 27th at 7.30 pmChrist Church
MayUgnius Pauliokonis
 Mon 13th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 14th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 15th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 16th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 17th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 18th at NoonJ’s & B’s
Jun.Giulio Tampalini
 Mon 24th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 25th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 26th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 27th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 28th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 29th at NoonJ’s & B’s
Jul.Will Bracken
 Mon 8th at 1 pmSt. Andrew’s
 Tue. 9th at 2 pmARC
 Wed. 10th at 1 pmY Studio
 Thur. 11th at 2.30 pmBelmont
 Fri. 12th at 7.30Christ Church
 Sat. 13th at NoonJ’s & B’s

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